Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Fun...Summer Chillin'

I wanted to stay in keeping with my card from last week with the Hot Copper, by doing Lynell's "Molten Magic" technique.  I had the idea of using Copper Embossing Paste, and REALLY making a "Hot" card...but it didn't quite work out the way I saw it in my head, sigh.  So as I flipped through my stencils, I came across one of the newer designs for this year, and I hadn't really played with it much.  Nouveau Wisteria LL 3026 is definitely a Summer Flower, but it evokes a more relaxed feeling, so the colours of my card needed to reflect that feeling as well.
So to create the Molten Magic technique you need to...
Tape down your stencil using Removeable Tape.
I then used the Pearlescent Embossing Paste and covered the entire stencil in the usual Paste Embossing technique.
Then using a small paintbrush and Metallic F/X, I flicked the Purple Satin, Glacier and Kiwi all over the paste without removing the stencil.  Oopsie, I forgot to take a picture!

Carefully remove the stencil and then using a Heat gun, heat the paste until the Metallic F/X kind of melts into the paste and the paste bubbles up.
Then I matted the image on Light purple cardstock, added green ribbon to the stamped dark purple background, and then adhered the matted image to the background.  Once it was all together I attached it to the Pearl card base, and the card was complete.  
A soft relaxing summer card that might evoke the need for a Sangria in the garden...don't ya think?

Now check out the other Design Team members creations and be sure to post your efforts to the Dream it Up! blog because you could win a Free Stencil for your very own!

And with that,
Paste 'til you perspire,
Melt 'til you're Molten,
and beat the summer heat by creating in an air conditioned craft space!


  1. Jessie, very nice cards. The technique is very delicate in getting it just right... thanks for your kind comment on my card.

  2. Nice photos, I too frequently forget to take a photo. The card is very fun.

  3. Wisteria and sangria in the garden sound good to me! Great job on the Molten Magic technique.

  4. Very pretty Jessie. This technique is wonderful because it looks great on any design!

  5. Great card, and a great technique...these wonderful stencil techniques are all going on my wish list of things to learn...

  6. This is so beautiful. Thank you for the step-by-step instructions.