Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fire-ry Hot in the SummerTime!

Well, Summer has finally hit B.C. and it's Smokin' Hot!  Okay, so maybe not as hot as some Provinces (and States) have been, but I moved AWAY from Toronto to escape this dreadful Sweat-Fest!  Yes, I love the rain!  I adore any excuse to sit at my craft table and work away, and the Sun just beckons us all outside, and away from our Stencils!

However, the Heat did spark some inspiration for my "Summer" Challenge...!
 I'm not sure that the camera picked up the Fire-y Hotness of the Copper, but I love heating the Copper to create the flame-like effect!

So, to create this card, I used the Plumeria LL-385 stencil and embossed it onto my Copper using my BigShot machine and Silicone mats.  
Then I heated my Copper using a Creme Brulee Torch (I find this has a lot of control over where I am heating)
I also used my Teflon Tool to shape the Petals into the Copper a little deeper, as well as my Pounce Wheel for added detail in the petals.
I finished the flowers off with a small bead of Athracite Pearl Pen by Viva Decor.
I can feel the heat emanating from this card, what about you!?
So now, it's your turn.  Check out the other Design Team members for inspiration and then create your own Idea of what's hot in the Summertime and send it to never know you could win this months Prize Stencil..and remember, it's a NEW design that WE haven't even seen yet!

And with that,
Stencil 'til you Sweat,
Mat 'til you Melt,
and try not to get burned with your Brulee Torch!


  1. Love this "hot" card...I think it's actually pretty "COOL"! Sometimes you find the perfect background paper to highlight a creation and it clicks. You have done that here Jessie. Thanks for the time you put into Dreamweaver.

  2. A beautiful card Jessie - I love what you did with the copper and the dot of color in the center of the flowers.

  3. Hot, hot, hot! Love the inked copper!

  4. I need to play with that technique. What a cool effect with heat! Why do I now want creme brulee? Hmmm.

  5. "Cool" card Jessir! Love the copper!

  6. Jessie ... I love this card. Heated copper never even thought about that, great technique. Maybe I need to get a creme brulee torch.