Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Fun!!

My idea of Fun in the Summer is a Tall, Cold Ice Cap from Tim Hortons (Ahh, there's that Canadian again), but as I write that I realize, that really I like an Iced Cappa any old Time!

However, this month's theme is in fact Summer Fun, and there isn't anything more beautiful in B.C. than all the gorgeous flowers that bloom after our Spring Rainy Season (I know it feels like we're still in the rainy season!) and since I wasn't quite done with Glitter yet, (after all, I lost my computer and missed last weeks post!) I thought I'd sneak in another Glittered Card!

The background glitter on this image is so sparkly, that it was tough to take a photo without glare, sorry!  But I used one of my favorite Stencils, Violets LM 105 and Ultrafine Purple Glitter and Silver Glitter, as well as Microfine Sweet Basil glitter.  I like mixing my ultrafine and microfine as it adds different texture & shine that you wouldn't get by only using Microfine glitters.

Now it's your turn to create a card with what your idea of Summer Fun is and post it to the Dreamweaver site in order to have a chance to win a free stencil, and this month is special!  We are giving away a never before seen, NEW RELEASE stencil!  In fact, you aren't even go to see the entire thing now!  We're only giving a sneak peek!  here it is...

Ohhhh, didn't your mind just explode with ideas!!!

I can't WAIT to get my hot little hands on this stencil myself!  So check out the other Design Team members blogs for inspiration and get Pasting!

And with that,
Paste with Passion,
Design 'til you Drop
And Spread the word about the GREAT cards that are shown on all the Dream Teams Websites every week, these ladies are AWESOME!


  1. Jessie...I love coming to your blog! There is so much drama here in the way you express yourself. LOL!!! Wish I could be half as expressive. Beautiful card today and lots of details too!

  2. So sweet, just like real violets. Love the way the different textures and elements come together in this beautiful card.

  3. Jessie, you are too funny, love the card!

  4. Welcome back Jessie! The violet is beautiful and great layout!

  5. Yep. You are still into glitter, too! Love those sweet violets, and that fun die cut border!

  6. Those violets are beautiful. I just love glitter, too.