Thursday, June 9, 2016

Best Glue Ever IS The Best Glue Ever!

For those of you who know me...I use VERY few adhesives in my crafting projects...The reason is because I'm too lazy to reach for anything beyond my small work space, so having too many adhesive choices, just makes me crazy...

So I HAVE to be discerning and make the RIGHT choice about which adhesives to use...

If you've been in class with me, you've heard the question... "Jessie, what adhesive did you use on this delicate die-cut" answer is always "The Best Glue Ever"...which promptly gets the reply "Which one is that?"...which of course I respond with "The Best Glue Ever", (at this point with a mischievous glint in my eye)...I will then hold up my bottle and say with great pleasure..."You've GOT to be the Best Glue Ever, if that's the name you put on the label!"
Okay, so why do I love this adhesive so much...

If you haven't guessed by now, I LOVE to chat!  And often while gesticulating with my hands! And most likely when I'm supposed to be gluing something down....

The Best Glue Ever doesn't just gets stickier!  Which is PERFECT for me!  I can chat, apply some glue... chat some more... apply some glue...go answer the phone (you know it happens!)... and then attach my die-cut to my card without worrying that it won't stick!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

This card that I created for a class, is the PERFECT example of using my Best Glue Ever to it's full advantage...the background die is "Stick Frames" by Memory Box, the greenery is "Freida Leaf" also by Memory Box, and the Calla Lily (my FAVOURITE!!) is by Dee's Dystinctively...This die has the solid Calla background Die, as well as the outline, so you can create a huge assortment of effects!  On these Lilies I used Pebeo's Prisme and Moon Fantasy Paints, and when the panels dried, I attached the Lily outlines with...Best Glue Ever!

And for this project, I used the Best Glue Ever WITHOUT the fine tip attachment...what's a "fine Tip Attachment" you ask...well, that is for ANOTHER blog post!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Tree Hunting with ... Santa...?

Andrew and I took Ella "tree hunting" this past weekend, and I say "hunting" because we got ourselves a license to cut down a tree from the wild!

We thought it would be a Great Adventure...and it was...but it was sure a LOT harder than going to the U-Cut to find the perfect tree!

As we were wandering the forests of Squamish, I was reminded of this cutie patootie stamp by High Hopes, and wondered if we would stumble upon Santa and his best friend Rudolf along one of the trails.  I can only assume that Santa and Rudolf are indeed best friends, but when you look at this stamp, "Christmas Pals", you know it's true!
I used my favorite markers...TOMBOW of course, to colour in the image...
Red's 835 & 847, Brown's 899, 947, 842, & 977, Green's 177, 076, 027 & 126, neutral's  N57, N65, N35 & N15, Pink 761 and of course my Blender pen.

For the Fur and Wreath, I pounced on my colours instead of blending them, giving a true texture to the fur & foliage...

This is my FAVORITE stamp from the High Hopes Christmas Release, but I've had a sneak peek at the January Release, and if you love images that are cute and colourable, then these are the stamps for you!  Tell your local Scrapbook Shop that you love these stamps and they should get them in, because you know the BEST part...High Hopes is Canadian Made!

Here's the finished card!

For more samples made with High Hopes stamps, be sure to check out the blog!  Their Design Team is AWESOME!

Merry Christmas!
Jessie (and Andrew & Ella)

Monday, October 21, 2013

High Hopes...

I'm VERY excited to tell you guys about a Canadian Stamp Company that I was just introduced while I was in Ontario last month...They are High Hopes Rubber StampsThey have a HUGE selection of images to choose from and you would be hard pressed not to find something you loved!

The Design Team posts their weekly challenges on Facebook every Tuesday so be sure to check out their work, they are amazing!  If you like what you see, and want to order a particular stamp, check out One Crazy Stamper as she stocks it all and ships super quick!  I am speaking with a few local stores to see about carrying the High Hopes line, so be sure to let YOUR favorite shop know that you think High Hopes Stamps are awesome!

ANNNDDDD, if that weren't enough...Guess who is a Guest High Hopes Diva...ME!  Whoo Hoo, so here is my first card for the "Embossed" challenge...
Being that this blog started out with my Dreamweaver Stencils Design Team, it seemed only fitting that my first High Hopes card would incorporate my favorite Stencils!

I used Spellbinder Craft Foil in Red, Stamped the High Hopes Santa stamp on the back and hand embossed with my stylus (well, with Sheryll's stylus as I had forgotten mine at home, thanks Sheryll!).  I then used a paper stomp to transfer the stencil image to the background, sanded with a sanding block and mounted it all together!

This Santa is a little different than the other High Hopes samples you will see, but that's sort of why I did him that fact, as I upload more of my High Hopes samples, my plan is to incorporate different techniques to show you how you can look at ALL your stamps in a whole new light...

So, let's have some fun, shall we...

Scatter Joy!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


I'm SOOOO excited to announce that I am officially a Viva Decor Certified Instructor!  And there is NO ONE who loves their products more!

I mean, how many of you have already asked me if I work for them, because I use their Inka Gold so much!?

There are a few new Inka Gold classes that I'm doing around BC this Christmas Season, here's one of the cards I'm doing for Country Lane in Surrey...
We'll be using the new Pastel Colours, and instead of the usual dark background, I kept the samples light and "snowy"....

These cards are gorgeous in person (if I DO say so myself) so I hope to see you all in class!

Scatter Joy!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hello Again!

It's been a crazy year, and I have so many techniques to post, that I better get a move on!  I have a few announcements to make as well, but tonight I'm just going to whet your whistle!
This is a card we're making in class this week at Making Memories on Hastings.  It's the Faux Linen technique and it's one of my favorites!  The background started as plain old glossy cardstock, but with gorgeous background stamps from Impression Obsession (Snowflakes and Paint Splotches) we created an effect that mimics real Linen. 

This technique is perfect for Masculine cards, All Occasions cards (just change the stamps) AND scrapbook pages...ohhh my mind's a flutter!

Stay Tuned for more techniques here on the site, but also check out my YouTube Channel, for video Tutorials...
Scatter Joy!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Christmas in August!

Here we are, the home stretch to the BEST time of year, CHRISTMAS CARD CREATING!  Oh yeah, and I guess Christmas itself is pretty great too, but I have to admit that having an excuse to collect more than my fair share of Christmas Stamps and Christmas paper and of course Christmas STENCILS, is by far my favorite pastime!  So here is my first card for this months Challenge...

I used the Molten magic Technique on my Small Ornament Stencil LM-297 because I'm totally in LOVE with how easy the Molten magic technique is!  I used Gold Embossing Paste first, and with the stencil still on the image, sprinkled Metallic F/X Copper, Amber Glow, and Kiwi randomly over the paste.  Then I removed the stencil and heated the image with my heat gun allowing the paste to melt and pop.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how fast and easy this is, and everyone asks how I did it! 

Do you want to get into the holiday spirit a little early?  Link your own Christmas in August creations to the Dream It Up! blog mr. linky, or email pics of your creations to, for an opportunity to win this wonderful newly released Heart Ornaments:

Don't you just love this new design? There are several newly released stencils and products from CHA last month, which you can view for yourself HERE. During the week of August 20th - 25th, the Dream Team will be posting all week with a hop on Saturday to top it all...featuring all of these new fabulous collaboration with the Woodware UK team. Just a little may want to buy all of these new designs now, so you are ready and waiting for the inspiration that will come your way that week! Meanwhile, check out what the rest of the team has been creating this week:

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot Stuff for our Men!

I don't know about you guys, but today has been H.O.T. and I'm tired of it!  I know, for all you Vancouverites, you're thinking I'm crazy since it's been raining for the past week, and has only been hot Today, but still, I'm not a happy girl!  However, the weather is in keeping with our theme this month, and I'm back to Copper!  I decided to design a Card for a Man's birthday, and I just love this perfectly Canadian Moose Stencil (LG 715).
I heated the copper again with my Creme Brullee torch, embossed the copper with the stencil, and then using my Stylus and Paper Stomp, pushed out every area, (from the back) in the body to make him more lifelike.

I also added a haphazard border with my pounce wheel, and matted him onto cardstock, then attached him to the card.

Because the Copper is so beautiful, I don't like to embellish too much and take away from the stencil.  Stenciling Copper is BY FAR my favorite technique for making Man Cards!

Now don't forget to post your creations to Dream it Up! as there are only a few days left in the month and remember you could win a Brand New, Newly Designed, Not Released yet Stencil!  have I gotten you excited to win yet!

Hope so!

And with that,
Stencil til you sweat, 
Heat copper til your hyper
and don't give up on the men in your life, the right card, and they'll understand why you are so hooked to this craft!  (Trust me, Andrew LOVES making Copper Cards now too!)