Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot Stuff for our Men!

I don't know about you guys, but today has been H.O.T. and I'm tired of it!  I know, for all you Vancouverites, you're thinking I'm crazy since it's been raining for the past week, and has only been hot Today, but still, I'm not a happy girl!  However, the weather is in keeping with our theme this month, and I'm back to Copper!  I decided to design a Card for a Man's birthday, and I just love this perfectly Canadian Moose Stencil (LG 715).
I heated the copper again with my Creme Brullee torch, embossed the copper with the stencil, and then using my Stylus and Paper Stomp, pushed out every area, (from the back) in the body to make him more lifelike.

I also added a haphazard border with my pounce wheel, and matted him onto cardstock, then attached him to the card.

Because the Copper is so beautiful, I don't like to embellish too much and take away from the stencil.  Stenciling Copper is BY FAR my favorite technique for making Man Cards!

Now don't forget to post your creations to Dream it Up! as there are only a few days left in the month and remember you could win a Brand New, Newly Designed, Not Released yet Stencil!  have I gotten you excited to win yet!

Hope so!

And with that,
Stencil til you sweat, 
Heat copper til your hyper
and don't give up on the men in your life, the right card, and they'll understand why you are so hooked to this craft!  (Trust me, Andrew LOVES making Copper Cards now too!)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Fun...Summer Chillin'

I wanted to stay in keeping with my card from last week with the Hot Copper, by doing Lynell's "Molten Magic" technique.  I had the idea of using Copper Embossing Paste, and REALLY making a "Hot" card...but it didn't quite work out the way I saw it in my head, sigh.  So as I flipped through my stencils, I came across one of the newer designs for this year, and I hadn't really played with it much.  Nouveau Wisteria LL 3026 is definitely a Summer Flower, but it evokes a more relaxed feeling, so the colours of my card needed to reflect that feeling as well.
So to create the Molten Magic technique you need to...
Tape down your stencil using Removeable Tape.
I then used the Pearlescent Embossing Paste and covered the entire stencil in the usual Paste Embossing technique.
Then using a small paintbrush and Metallic F/X, I flicked the Purple Satin, Glacier and Kiwi all over the paste without removing the stencil.  Oopsie, I forgot to take a picture!

Carefully remove the stencil and then using a Heat gun, heat the paste until the Metallic F/X kind of melts into the paste and the paste bubbles up.
Then I matted the image on Light purple cardstock, added green ribbon to the stamped dark purple background, and then adhered the matted image to the background.  Once it was all together I attached it to the Pearl card base, and the card was complete.  
A soft relaxing summer card that might evoke the need for a Sangria in the garden...don't ya think?

Now check out the other Design Team members creations and be sure to post your efforts to the Dream it Up! blog because you could win a Free Stencil for your very own!

And with that,
Paste 'til you perspire,
Melt 'til you're Molten,
and beat the summer heat by creating in an air conditioned craft space!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fire-ry Hot in the SummerTime!

Well, Summer has finally hit B.C. and it's Smokin' Hot!  Okay, so maybe not as hot as some Provinces (and States) have been, but I moved AWAY from Toronto to escape this dreadful Sweat-Fest!  Yes, I love the rain!  I adore any excuse to sit at my craft table and work away, and the Sun just beckons us all outside, and away from our Stencils!

However, the Heat did spark some inspiration for my "Summer" Challenge...!
 I'm not sure that the camera picked up the Fire-y Hotness of the Copper, but I love heating the Copper to create the flame-like effect!

So, to create this card, I used the Plumeria LL-385 stencil and embossed it onto my Copper using my BigShot machine and Silicone mats.  
Then I heated my Copper using a Creme Brulee Torch (I find this has a lot of control over where I am heating)
I also used my Teflon Tool to shape the Petals into the Copper a little deeper, as well as my Pounce Wheel for added detail in the petals.
I finished the flowers off with a small bead of Athracite Pearl Pen by Viva Decor.
I can feel the heat emanating from this card, what about you!?
So now, it's your turn.  Check out the other Design Team members for inspiration and then create your own Idea of what's hot in the Summertime and send it to never know you could win this months Prize Stencil..and remember, it's a NEW design that WE haven't even seen yet!

And with that,
Stencil 'til you Sweat,
Mat 'til you Melt,
and try not to get burned with your Brulee Torch!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Fun!!

My idea of Fun in the Summer is a Tall, Cold Ice Cap from Tim Hortons (Ahh, there's that Canadian again), but as I write that I realize, that really I like an Iced Cappa any old Time!

However, this month's theme is in fact Summer Fun, and there isn't anything more beautiful in B.C. than all the gorgeous flowers that bloom after our Spring Rainy Season (I know it feels like we're still in the rainy season!) and since I wasn't quite done with Glitter yet, (after all, I lost my computer and missed last weeks post!) I thought I'd sneak in another Glittered Card!

The background glitter on this image is so sparkly, that it was tough to take a photo without glare, sorry!  But I used one of my favorite Stencils, Violets LM 105 and Ultrafine Purple Glitter and Silver Glitter, as well as Microfine Sweet Basil glitter.  I like mixing my ultrafine and microfine as it adds different texture & shine that you wouldn't get by only using Microfine glitters.

Now it's your turn to create a card with what your idea of Summer Fun is and post it to the Dreamweaver site in order to have a chance to win a free stencil, and this month is special!  We are giving away a never before seen, NEW RELEASE stencil!  In fact, you aren't even go to see the entire thing now!  We're only giving a sneak peek!  here it is...

Ohhhh, didn't your mind just explode with ideas!!!

I can't WAIT to get my hot little hands on this stencil myself!  So check out the other Design Team members blogs for inspiration and get Pasting!

And with that,
Paste with Passion,
Design 'til you Drop
And Spread the word about the GREAT cards that are shown on all the Dream Teams Websites every week, these ladies are AWESOME!