Thursday, January 19, 2012

Less Than 5 Minutes...Guaranteed!

So we're in the middle of Dreamweavers Valentine Contest, with just over a week to go!  For my original sample I used the Rose Stencil LM 170 to create an Acrylic candy box, and I have been using the same stencil to show you the versatility of just one image.

Last week, I got carried away, stuffing 4 different techniques into one card.  Obviously this contest has me a little excited!!  So this week I thought that I would show how quickly a card can be made with just 1 stencil and some ink pads and yet still look like it took you hours!

 And as for how it's done...

Supplies Needed 
Tsukineko Ink Pads Bahama Blue, Angel Pink, RoseBud, Pear Tart and Bamboo Leaves
Stencil brushes and Daubers
Clear Stardust Gel Pen.

First I taped the Stencil down to a piece of Cream Cardstock using Removable Tape.  I made sure to tape off all the edges of the stencil as I don't want the ink from the Rose to extend past the edge of the stencil itself.
I then used the Pear Tart Ink pad and Dauber to ink the stem of the Rose.  I then added some Bamboo Leaves Ink in a few area's to add dimension.  I can't draw to save my life, so don't think that only an artist can add shading to an image.  The main idea is to keep your dimension colour always coming from the same "light source"  If you start with Dark shading on the left side of your image, then keep colouring the dark ink on the left side.  I tend to like my darkest colour coming up from the bottom of my image, so I coloured the bottom of the main stem as well as where the leaves meet the stem (the "Bottom of the stem leaves", so to speak) Very Easy!
Close up shot to see the dimension of colour

Then I coloured the Rose Petals first with Angel Pink Ink and added depth of colour with Rosebud using a stencil Brush.  I find that the stencil brush gets into the smaller area's better than the dauber, and I have more control of where the colour goes.

After the Rose was completely inked, I masked it with my Removable Tape, removed the tape from around the outside edge of the stencil and then using a Large Stencil brush I created the Blue Haze around the Rose.

Now again, I wanted to add more and more product and techniques, but my goal was a 5 minute card, and although I was only at 2 minutes so far, I really wanted to stay "simple".  So...I just added some sparkle with my Sakura Clear Stardust Gel Pen.  I traced the stencil itself, creating a fine sparkle border that enhanced the image just enough.  I then mounted the image on cardstock, added a couple of buttons, and it's finished!  Well within my self imposed time limit.
The Stardust Gel Pen adds a touch of sparkle to the edge of the Oval created by the stencil

So I hope that you can see how investing in just one stencil can give you multiple ways to create cards for any occasion.  We started with a Valentine Theme, but the last two weeks I have presented cards that could be used for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thank You, or just an "I'm thinking of you Card"

And now it's your turn!  Don't forget to download your Valentine Inspired card to your blog or website and add your link to Mr Linky!  

Starting on January 23rd, the entire Design Team will be offering Sneak Peaks of the New Stencils coming out for CHA next week, so don't forget to do a little blog hopping and see what's coming, I KNOW you will be inspired!  I've been having quite a lot of fun these past two weeks just playing around with them myself, however, I have yet to select a favorite...Maybe you can tell me which stencils will become YOUR favorites!

A tutorial for today's stenciling technique, with step by step pictures, will show up on my Store website tomorrow afternoon so be sure to check that out at

So, Adhere with Abandon,
Stencil yourself silly, and
Chat with you next week!


  1. very pretty card Jessie! I have had that stencil for some time and LOVE it. GREAT card

  2. Jessie this is a great card and I really love that you have used the same stencil in all those ways. I really impressed that you stayed within your time limit.

  3. Beautious Jessie! And that sparkly gold ink around the oval is a wonderful finishing touch.

  4. A card after my own heart-- quick! Not to mention pretty!

  5. So pretty Jessie and definately fast! I like the idea of using the glitter pen around the edge to add just a touch of sparkle.

  6. Fabulous colors!!! So pretty Jessie!!

  7. Very elegant, Jessie. The delicate shading on the rose petals and leaves makes it so lifelike. And all done in 5 minutes!