Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CHA Sneak Peek #4

Okay, so I need more Creative Titles for my posts, but seriously, are you here for the titles or the Idea's!?  Uhhh, I hope you answered "Idea's of course!"  Okay, Good!  So here comes Idea #4...And I'm using my Rose Stencil (for our Valentine Challenge today, remember, before the Sneak Peeks, I was showing 4 different ways to colour one stencil) and the New Release for CHA, LX 7013 The Pinwheel Checkerboard for my background, which I embossed on Core-dinations cardstock and then sanded the top layer.

Now I know I tend to fall back on my favorite Inking and Translucent Paste technique a lot, but it was the first technique I learned in this medium, from the wonderful staff at Scrapbook Warehouse in Vancouver over 6 years ago, and frankly, that makes it very close to my heart!  And although I've repeated the technique here, I mixed it up a little by adding Clear Glitter...but ONLY on the Rose Petals.  Again, I like to make certain parts of the image stand out better than others, and frankly, the petals of the rose need to appear more special than the stem, right?

So, First I used my Stencil Brushes to Ink the Rose in Pink and the Stem in Green.  Then after washing my stencil, I placed it back over the image and applied the Translucent Paste.  I quickly removed the stencil and tilting my paper to an almost 90 degrees (rose petals towards the table), I spooned the Clear Glitter over the Roses allowing the excess to fall back into the container without it touching my Stem. 

I then had to wait the hour for it to dry...but of course, I had to come home for dinner, my in-laws were coming over, so I didn't have time to wait.  No worries, I carried it lovingly to the car...that is until I realized that it was raining, Yikes!  So I turned it over to protect my image, though when I got to the car, trying to get my keys out, my purse in and juggle the multitude of other things I felt I could carry without the help of a BAG...yup, you guessed it, I dropped the pasted image...Face Down...on the floor of my car,ARGGG!  What is it they say about buttered bread always falling on the butter side...BUT, I have the reflexes of a cat, (though my Chiropractor keeps telling me that I don't and to stop acting like I do!) I snatched the card up, flipped it over and...Well, you tell me :)  Can't see the Rain spots!  And I think the glitter hides any dust that may have been picked up!  See what I go through to get these samples to you!

Anyway, Don't forget to tell me what you think, as I'll enter you in my draw to win 2 Free Stencils of your choice, and Thank You all SO much for the lovely comments you've left so far!  I'm going to paste them up on my wall to inspire me to keep on creating!  And Jenn, come by the store and I'll show you the Lace technique, it's easy when you see it...Or Maybe Kim will help me film a U-Tube tutorial...hint hint :)  Check out the Blogs of the other Design Team Members, Wendy posted a Zentangle sample yesterday, Whoo Hoo, and I'm so glad that Louise posted her Purple Poppy, I saw it a few days ago and wondered what she had coloured it with...Fun Flock and Foil, COOL!

And with that,
Craft 'til you Cough
Bedazzle 'til you blow (your nose)
And Stencil 'til you Sneeze!
(Can you tell I'm a little under the weather, tee hee)

See you tomorrow!


  1. First to post!! Beautiful!!! YouTube video coming up!!! Lol!!

  2. Oh Jessie, I LOVE this one! They are all good but this one REALLY excited me!

  3. Love the story! The new background works beautifully here with the beautiful rose and your background paper. Romantic with an edge!

  4. This is so beautiful Jessie - not just the sparkling rose but the whole card that you put together. I'm new to stenciling and just need to "do it" and stop feeling nervous!

    1. I agree Joy, you just need to "DO IT" :) I promise, it's easier than you think, and the results are always fabulous! Have fun playing!

  5. Such a beautiful card -- and enjoyed your "creating" story as well!

  6. very nice job. love the background!

  7. Such a pretty card. I love the background pattern. I really have to get my stencil out and play…I haven't touched it since I bought it because I think I forgot everything you taught me!! Maybe time for another class.

  8. Jessie, your card is gorgeous!! Love the stenciling of the rose and the background stencil worked perfectly! You are very creative!