Thursday, April 26, 2012

Glitter painting Tutorial

Welcome back to Dreamweaver's Thursday Challenge!
This week, for my "May Flowers" card, I chose to do my favorite technique, Glitter Painting!

Supplies Needed
Dreamweaver Stencil (I used Long Tulip LL377)
Glitter (I used Glitter Ritz Kiwi, Sweet Basil, Light CopperRose Copper& Clear)
Coconut Soap
Removable Tape
Glitter Gone Mat
SookWang Double Sided Tape

Step 1
Rub the Stencil with Pure Coconut Soap, this will prevent the Stencil from Sticking to the SookWang Tape and ruining your background.  Brush off any extra soap with a stiff stencil brush.
Step 2
Place the stencil on the Sookwang Tape, being sure that even the small "Bridges" on the stencil are flat against the Sookwang tape.

Step 3
Using the Removable Tape, mask off any area's that you do not want glitter to stick to.  In my sample, I masked off the Petals of the Tulip.

Step 4
Using your finger, "Paint" the darker Glitter into the area's where you would like Depth.  I painted Sweet Basil onto the tips of the leaves and the base of the stem.  Brush off the excess.

Step 5
Pour the lighter colour over the remaining area.  It will only stick where there isn't glitter already, so don't worry about the Darker glitter coming off or getting in the way.  Tap off the excess.
Step 6
Remove the Tape from the Petals and with your finger again, "paint" the Darker colour where you would like depth.  I used Rose Copper on the tips and base of the Tulips petals.  Tap off the excess.
Step 7
Pour the lighter colour of glitter over the petals now, as you did in Step 5 with the stem.  Tap off the excess.

Step 8
Carefully remove the stencil from the Sookwang Tape.  If you have applied the soap correctly, the stencil should come off fairly easily.  If it doesn't, be patient with it, and next time, use a little more Coconut Soap.
 Step 9
Pour Clear Glitter over the entire background to cover the SookWang tape that was under the stencil.  We use Pure Coconut soap so that there isn't any soap residue that will interfere with the glitter sticking to the tape.  Clean up any excess glitter with your Glitter Gone Mat.

 Step 10
Attach to your card!

Isn't it pretty?  And all in all it only takes a few minutes to complete.  I wasn't able to make a video of this card, but here is a video I made with this same technique, but using the Holly Stencil LL 3005

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This tutorial was also posted on PaperCraft Planet so check out that site too as there are some cool projects and more tutorials there as well!

And with that,
Glitter 'til you're Gonzo,
Inspire 'til you're Insane
and play with a Stencil you haven't tried yet, it will REALLY re-inspire you!


  1. thanks for the tutorial. It's a beautiful technique.

  2. It's one of my fave techniques too Jessie, and I had wondered about masking off areas, so thanks for the great tips!!! I love your tulip colours blending.

  3. Absolutely beautiful Jessie! Love the sparkle.

  4. Excellent tutorial, great tip about masking, and gorgeous card!

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  6. So love the bling! Lovely card.

  7. Thank you for the detailed tutorial Jessie! And a very beautiful card it is....lovely!!!

  8. Great job! This is a really pretty card

  9. Great, great tutorial Jessie!!! Have a good weekend!!!

  10. Awesome card. That's one of my favorite DW stencils! Is there a cheap alternative that you can use in lieu of the SookWang Double Sided Tape?

  11. Wow! Another neat technique to try. Great instructions!

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