Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finally! Clean & Simple Take Four!

After all the inspiration I've seen this week from everyone who has downloaded their cards to Mr Linky, I think I may have gotten a handle on the Clean & Simple concept (Though thanks to Kristi reminding me, I didn't HAVE to do Clean and Simple ALL month!) It's not about creating a card different from your personal style, it's about keeping the message Simple and not muddling the Beauty with a lot of extra "Fluff"...

So this week, I feel like this card is definitely more "My Style", but is in keeping with the Clean & Simple Mindset...

I used the DragonFly Stencil LS 56 (the same one I used the first week) and Embossed it with Black embossing paste on a page ripped from an old Dictionary (Yes, it IS hard to rip a page out of a book, but get one from a thrift store cheap, and once you rip a few pages out, it gets easier...I promise!)

The Dragonfly image begged for glitter, but I wanted this card to be for someone who is battling something and needs to know that they have my support, and I didn't want too much sparkle to take away from my message of "Courage".  (There wasn't a page with "Dragonfly" as the Header, so I had to change my message)  The inside of the card will have a little note saying how much I admire my friend's Courage.  Sometimes we all need to know there is someone out there who thinks we are makes us Stronger, right?

Anyway, I enjoyed creating this card (while teaching a Baby Card Class and packing up my store for the Trade-show this weekend!  Same old story around here!) and I hope that you will be inspired to post your creation this week to Mr Linky as Lynell is giving away 2 Free stencils this month!!

And with that,
Paste with Perfection,
Add Glitter if you think it needs it,
and don't forget to enjoy yourself!


  1. hahaha!...yes it is hard to rip a page out of book, even though it may be an outdated dictionary, but with this beautiful inspiring creation I am going to give it a try Jessie!

  2. This is a beautiful card. I can see the simplicity, but the overall effect is elegant!! Great card!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Glad you were able to pull yourself away from all the work and create this!

  4. I love this. it is CAS but also so elegant! very wonderful job!

  5. I love the idea of using the dictionary page. Beautiful!

  6. I know what you mean about tearing out the pages. Lol. This is a beautiful card. Love the dragonfly and the ornamental corners.

  7. Very cool! I always like using parts of old books for card making. Yours is a great example.

  8. Jessie this is lovely, your friend will know how much you care. Beautiful

  9. Jessie I've gotten over the tearing a page out of the book thing, it only take what 5 or 6 times LOL. This is a great card and I think your friend will get the message about courage. And yes I do think it helps to here that we are stong every once in a while. HAve fun at the trade show this weekend.