Thursday, February 16, 2012

Going Green...

First off I have to apologize for failing to post for the past couple of weeks, but I'm back now, and I really appreciate you guys sticking with me!

As for the winners of my Challenge last month for 2 Stencils of your choice...The winners are...yup, because of my lapse I'm awarding prizes to THREE bloggers, they are NitaD, SherylH and Kimbo!  I guess it was a good thing you guys commented so much as you had multiple ballots!  Please e-mail me your choices directly to and include your addresses so I can mail them out to you!  Congratulations!!!

Now for this month...Our Challenge (as you probably already know, sigh) is a Green Palette or St Patrick's Day, and up here in Canada, St Pat's isn't really an occasion where we send out a whole lot of cards, so I thought I would stick with the Green Idea. 

I chose one of my favorite Stencils Large Branch LG-642 for this card.  A couple of Christmas's ago, I taught a Stencil Class where I showed everyone how to mix their own colours.  Now, Dreamweaver has a green paste, but it was a little too bright for what I wanted, so we mixed Yellow Paste and Blue Paste together to create our own custom Green.  I LOVE this colour (hint, hint, Lynell, tee hee) so I use it for a lot of different stencils.  I was planning on texturizing the Leaves, but unfortunately my stencil is warped (it's WELL-loved I told you) so I was having issues keeping the paste neat, and I thought "Don't risk it!"  I'll show you texture next week....

While I was at CHA Lynell taught us how to use the newish Paste Spreader LM 2010, and although I love my offset palette knife, it's hard to get an even spread of paste on larger stencils like the backgrounds.  This Paste Spreader is AWESOME!  If my stencil wasn't warped...but that's another story.  Granted, I need a little practice getting the angle right, but this new way of applying the paste almost guarantees that it will go on evenly with only one swipe!  I'll have to make a video to show you, 'cause i can't describe it very well here.

Anyway, I hope you like my Green Card, and that you check out the other Design Team Members AND that you create something using this month's Challenge and Post it onto Mr Linky.  I really missed playing with my stencils and am so excited to be back in the game!

And with that,
Paste with Purpose,
Adhere with Abandon,
and Create something Spectacular!


  1. Beautiful! The leaves still look textured!

  2. The texture on your leaf made it look like a real leaf. Thanks for the close up photo. Have a good day!

  3. Glad you are back! Missed you and this is a GREAT card!

  4. Just lovely! All the various details that went into this are wonderful. Welcome back.

  5. Gorgeous card, great technique :)

  6. You always share such great ideas in such a fun way! Beautiful card!