Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dream Team Challenge

Yikes!  I'm the only Newbie who didn't post for the New Years challenge!  It wasn't because I was sitting around enjoying mass quantities of Christmas cookies and chocolates, I assure you.  I was actually working on next week's challenge, and I can't wait to show you (said in a sing song voice).  But you will have to wait...

So Here's my Card for the challenge.  I chose the Vertical Bells stencil for my card as we "Ring in the New Year" with hopefully as many bells as we can get our hands on!
As for how I've done it...

First, I inked my Vertical Bells Stencil with 3 different inks, Prussian Blue, Bamboo Leaves Green and Charcoal grey.  Then I washed my stencil (you need to get the ink off before the next step) and re-taped it over my inked image.  I then applied Translucent Embossing Paste (The first paste I ever bought), removed the stencil and poured Cool Highlight Clear Glitter over top.  Once the Paste is dry, the colours (not a typo, as my spell-check insists, remember, I'm Canadian) will show up through the paste and glitter.

Unfortunately because I was rushing, my paste leaked under the stencil on the topmost Bell, and the glitter doesn't really show up as it actually looks, but this is still one of my favorite techniques to share!  If you would like a more detailed Tutorial, please check out my Store website


  1. Beautiful card. Nice theme to ring in the New Year.

  2. This is a fabulous creation Jessie...absolutely a stunner. I love it when people really enjoy stenciling and shading and you did it so beautifully!